I am pleased to inform you on the opening of my new ob-gyn medical office in Kifisia . After running my clinic in Kalamata for about 13 years and Sparta for 5 years, I decided to create a new elegant and fully equipped  center in Athens, where I  help, inform, and propose effective (according to the newest international data ) therapies to : physical, social and psychological problems related to our female nature.

I stand by you in many important moments of life, as for example:

  • The sensitive age of puberty, where the body changes and the young woman needs proper guidance for a responsible and safe sex life.
  • The birth of a healthy infant, from the moment of the conception, through the progression of pregnancy – facing any difficulties that may arise, until the mother experiences the miracle of life ,embracing her child.
  • Menopause, a period when the mature woman needs additional support, due to the hormonal changes that affect her body, her femininity and her self-confidence.

The technological development and  the people’s communication  through social networks made it imperative to create this site.

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Lazaraki Antonia.

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