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Modern women want to improve the appearance of their genitalia for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The most commonly performed cosmetic surgery is the reduction of the excess skin of labia minora. Large or asymmetrical inner lips of the vagina result to discomfort when wearing tight-fitting clothes and some physical exercises become unbearable. Sexual intercourse might get painful and women experience decline in their self-esteem and sexuality. Labia minoraplasty is a procedure that can reduce the size and reshape the inner vaginal lips. After surgery the patient should rest at home for 3-5 days. Full recovery and return to all activities is expected in 4-6 weeks.

In some women, the external lips of the vagina can become elongated, bulge or appear asymmetrical. Giving birth,   fluctuation of weight, aging, hormonal imbalance are some of the causes of it. Enlarged labia can be visible in tight clothing, such as swimsuits. Sport activities get tougher. Sweating and unpleasant odor and mild infection of the area lead to uncomfortable feeling.