When do we start and how often do we get a pap smear?

6 months after the beginning of our sexual life and every year since,  until the age of 65, unless the pap smear requires otherwise.

Is Colposcopy Required?

Colposcopy complements the screening tests and helps us to identify the cervical lesions that preceded it.

Should I get cervical cancer vaccine? Is it dangerous?

All young girls and women up to 45 years of age should be vaccinated. The vaccine saves lives. There are No side effects.

When should I get a mammogram?

Several organizations have developed guidelines for mammography screening. In Greece we schedule our 1st mammogram at the age of 35. If there is a family history of breast cancer we might have our first mammogram earlier. After the age of 40 we get a digital mammogram every year. It is advised to have a breast ultrasound as well. Don’t forget to self examine your breast regularly.

How can I treat the dryness of the vagina in menopause?

The technological development of our time has the solution. There is specific Laser for revitalizing and hydrating the vagina that really maintains sexual life and also treats urinary incontinence without using hormones.

I am pregnant...now what?

After finding out we are pregnant we communicate with our doctor in order to  begin the  prenatal testing and take our vitamins. By vaginal ultrasound we confirm endometrial pregnancy. Then we visit our obstetrician every month in a smoothly developing pregnancy. There are 3 ultrasound examinations that are irreplaceable:

  • the cervical translucency at 12-13 weeks,
  • the b- level at 21-23 weeks and
  • the doppler ultrasound at 30-32 weeks.

Should I exercise during pregnancy?

When there is no obstetric contradiction, exercising helps the smooth outcome of the pregnancy and facilitates the delivery. We should adapt regular gentle exercise under the guidance of an expert trainer. Exercising helps us increase our energy levels and decrease anxiety. Makes us feel confident about our changing body image. Exercise also eases common pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, leg cramps, swollen feet and varicose veins, constipation, insomnia. By keeping muscles strong and toned, exercise makes it easier for our body to recover after giving birth. We should not lift weights, exhaust ourselves and we should avoid sports where we risk falling. It is recommended to rest an hour.

What is cosmetic gynecology?

Nature, as we age, childbirth, hard work especially with weight lifting, the changes on our body weight, gynecological health issues can cause undesirable and painful changes to the female genitalia. Those changes can affect our physical health, comfort, sexual function, confidence and quality of life. Most women believe that must learn to live with this uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing condition, unaware that we can resolve it. The regain of femininity, beauty and sexual pleasure is the goal of cosmetic gynecology.